The iPhone X – 2 Months Later

There are a lot of mix opinions on the new iPhone X that hit the market about 2 months ago. some users and critics just loved it while
others responded in mix feelings and even disappointment.

While it’s all fair play it’s really hard to give an honest opinion on a product without actually spending a good amount of with it,
working out your day to day functions and apps and seeing really how it feels with daily tasks.

This is why me personally decided to give it sometime – a month or two and wait for “real” reviews from users that actually used the ,machine for a good amount of time before giving it their judgment.

And this is exactly what the guys over at have done with their latest article named: Living with an iPhone X

One major change that apple have made is completely wiping out the glorious “home button”. it’s simply gone and it is
now being replace with gestures. now only that but when removing the home button – that means you are also removing the Touch ID fingerprint sensor.
Apple had replace that with a face ID detection system which on the early days had mixed reviews as some users complain it took too long and was buggy.

I was curious to see what the guys over at PCmag had to say about that:

“Not only has the iPhone X done away with the home button, it also removes the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, in favor of a new Face ID face detection system. The idea is that you set up your phone to use your face to unlock it, even for things like approving payments. To make this work, Apple has added what it calls its TrueDepth camera system, which includes an infrared camera, a dot projector, a flood illuminator, and a proximity sensor to measure the contours of your face to ensure it’s really you. While there have been a few reports of twins or children tricking the sensor—so it may not be as secure as possible—Apple says it’s actually more secure than a fingerprint for most people. In my own use, it’s been incredibly accurate, and the feature works in all sorts of lighting conditions, whether I have my glasses on or off. I’ve also found it to be fast and reliable—much better than the face recognition that Samsung offers on its Galaxy S8 series. I can still see where a fingerprint reader, in addition, could offer more security and more convenience—when you want to open your phone without actively looking at it, for example—but I have to say I’ve been quite happy with Face ID.”

The camera also got a huge update and suppose to be much better when compared to previous generations (which were already pretty great as it is)

“The new front-facing, 7-megapixel, f/2.2 camera should also enable some new augmented reality apps, though I haven’t seen much yet. One unique feature is animated emoji or “animoji,” in which you animate one of a dozen icons—everything from a panda bear to poop—by moving your face; you can then send these animoji in Messages. I can’t say it’s something I’ve had a use for yet, but maybe I’m just the wrong demographic.”

The bottom line was good:

“In general, I was quite pleased with the photos I took on the iPhone X. As with most of the modern, top-end phones, outdoor photographs in bright light look great, and even photos taken in lower light, as in this shot of Grand Central, look pretty nice.”

Am I going to buy one for the price of about $1000 ? I have to say after reading this review I’m tempted. while spending that amount on a phone seems like big price to pay – I Am simply one of those hardcore apple fan boys I admit and it will be hard for me to pass on holding this modern piece of tech in my hands.


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