What Are The Best Laptops For Students?

Most students have something in common; they have to survive on a shoestring budget. This limits their choices, making them seek for the cheapest products and services. Nonetheless, when it comes to computers and other IT equipment, going for the lest expensive options may be daunting to your productivity. Why buy a very cheap laptop that doesn’t meet your basic requirements in terms of processing power, hard drive capacity and connectivity options?

Luckily, there are IT brands that provide a very good value for money. They offer students and other financially challenged social categories the chance to purchase a reasonably priced laptop that suits their needs.

If you are a student seeking for the two best laptop options, you should think about your priorities. What do you need the laptop for? If you only want to do your research on the web and write essays and school papers, you’ll be fine with any laptop model powered by an Intel i3 processor, with 4GB of RAM memory. If you need to process photographs, the i3 with 4GFB RAM won’t offer you a good experience. In this case, you should go for an i5 processor with minimum 8GB of RAM memory. The capacity of the hard drive matters less, as storage space has become extremely cheap. Nonetheless, if photo processing is one of your main activities, you’ll love the speed offered by SSD hard drives, so you should buy a laptop that features this type of storage.

In terms of brands, both Acer and ASUS offer reasonably priced laptop models that look good and have all characteristics needed to satisfy your needs as a student. Beware, though, if gaming is your main hobby, you’ll need to go for a more powerful model, with a high quality video board.

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